Friday, June 22, 2007

URI Orientation

My baby is going to URI. We went to Orientation recently. The students go to one & family to another. We joined for a little while (didn't see him though) for a speech from Dr. McWalters & the Dean. Then there was a skit - maybe 20 min. - put on by the twenty or so kids who are conducting the student's orientation. They were super!! It was concerning new students & their concerns/worries.

There are over 3000 frosh & they run 7 of these things with slightly over 200 kids. They all take a 1 cr. course first semester to intro. them to college life. Nicely done. Tim is in the Business Program (harder entrance qualifications) and I wonder if he knows what he is doing! Ugh! The coursework didn't sound like much fun to a Liberal Artser like me. I think he'd be happier with major Economics, but we'll see. Only a week ago he was still in high school! What a change. I'll have to spend real bucks now to buy him clothes rather than a sturdy uniform.

Only a yr. of language (I had to take two). No Phys. Ed. (I had to take two yrs.). He is not in a dorm. Three to a room is a crime. I don't see how there is even any room to dress. No wonder they all wear such booring, repetetive outfits - they only have room for about 3. And all those electronics! I'm surprised the fire dept. doesn't shut them down. I think it's dangerous, no matter what plans you have for emergencies. You'd get more room in the service, probably in prison, too.

Still in all, URI is a bargain. Always has been. I completed two post-grad programs there. They need to improve prof's pay, though, to improve overall quality & expand the nursing program.

It's a pretty campus though with a quad. Reminds me of my college - Washington College in Chestertown, Md., just outside of Annapolis. The sixth oldest college in Amer., but not nearly as large as URI.

He stayed overnight for Orientation (parents could stay too), but I passed. They were going to keep him busy until 11 p.m. last night. He comes home later today & should have his Sept. schedule. Hopefully, I'll get more info but you never know with a teener. Sometimes he can't stop talking & sometimes he has zilch to say. It's quiet around here without him telling us all what to do & how to do it.

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