Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No More Trash Talk in Middletown

Meaghan Wims of Projo (formerly of the "Daily News" - congratulations to her) has all the details. It's a pay-as-you go curbside system. No charge for recyclables. For those who pay for pickup (me) it supposedly will results in a savings
This transfer/trash station had to be arguably, the most beautiful dump site in the world with a sweeping water view. Even though it's possibly a polluted site (much of this area is "capped"), it certainly could be put to a better use by the Navy. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that any of us will actually get to see/use it.
Bags will be $2.50 for 30 gal. & will be placed in a special container. The average houseold will pay $230 to participate. Be expecting notices in the mail about the new system. Lobbying for our federal elected officials to "change the Navy's mind" doesn't seem to have been that successful after all. Too bad they forget to mention the pollution at First/Atlantic Beaches to them. Maybe NOA could provide assistance & those officials could provide guidance here - especially Rep. Kennedy who seems eager to do so from what I have heard him publically say.
Finally! A solution.
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