Monday, June 18, 2007

Clean Ocean Access Celebration Thurs., June 21 at Kings Park

Love this group! I saw the schedule they used for the beach water testing and I was impressed! They had quite a few volunteers who followed the somewhat complex protocol for collecting water samples at First & Atlantic Beaches, & the moat areas around the resevoir. These intrepid individuals didn't simply stand by the shore & wait for the water, they went in during the winter months. This group deserves a big thank-you from all of us interested in keeping our beaches clean. They kept the city & town focused & have sponsored various informative events. I haven't yet made it to any due to a winter of sickness, but I hope to make it to this one.

"Clean Ocean Access is having a general COA meeting and barbeque to celebrate their accomplishments. They will have burgers and hotdogs; bring your drinks and anything else! Invite your family, friends and share your ideas for future COA events."

"Clean Ocean Access formed in summer of 2006 and there have been many waves of success. The Clean-Water Wave has collected almost 800 water samples and provided critical data for the determination of the water quality along our shorelines. Amidst this process, we have met dozens of people in the community who have volunteered their time and put forth their effort to make our program a success. The Clean-Coastline Wave has performed seven beach cleanups along the coast of Rhode Island collecting tons of trash; ranging from quarts of oil to fishing nets, balloons and syringes. The Public-Access Wave is adopting key access points to protect, preserve and maintain the right of way to the shoreline so that we can continue to catch waves at our favorite spots. "

June 21st

5-9 PM

King's Park Playground, Wellington Newport

For more information, visit their website.
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