Friday, May 04, 2007

Ocean Missing in Middletown!

Tragedy strikes! It must be so, according to a recent "Daily News" article below the fold.

Neighbors on Indian Ave. (scene of the missing watery attraction) quickly responded: "Shocking," "Payback"," "I was surprised," "'s all gone," "I didn't realize it was permanent," "...this type of thing could happen anywhere."

The Building Inspector's office could not be reached for comment by this reporter. They are on record, however, in stating that there are sections of the fence OVER six feet & they have notified the owner of this violation. The usual fine is confiscation of the oldest male child, a payment not to exceed a million dollars, and/or execution. No comment on whether or not the inspector actually VIEWED the ocean, though. Rumors are abounding of owner O'Neill's recent power saw purchase.

Our police deparment is also on the job regarding this alleged theft. They reported no visits at this location for previous problems. Hopefully now, the bunko squad is working on this. This would be a different division from the group investigating if Rep. Bruce "You mean I actually have to LIVE in my district" Long broke the law in obtaining his ex-wife's insurance records. Connection here? Is it possible that the good Rep. misses his home here & absconded with a bit of Middletown to use in Westerley? Gives you pause, doesn't it?

Exactly what is owner developer Brian O'Neill doing here? Remember, he comes from PENNSYLVANIA (that's not here). Has he given OUR ocean to the outlawed IRA? He is IRISH after all, bought the property only a few years ago and LIVES in Newport (once again, that's not here). Has he shipped it out to Portsmouth to his Carnegic development? Is he planning on using it for his proposed marina? Illegal subdivisions? a reality t.v. show? home of all the missing honeybees? Where is it? Will we get it back? Why doesn't he respond? What is his nefarious plan?

Why couldn't he have just used gigantic shrubs like everyone else? Or many HUGE houses? He could have tastefully painted his fence (that means WHITE) & added an iron gate or built it out of stone. Is the ocean actually GONE or is this a clever prank because his neighbors sued him a few years ago? Is this a promo for a new illusionists' colony relocating there? Clever, but NOT FUNNY.

Why didn't this story appear above the fold?

Thank God that Councilwoman "Mother Theresa" Santos, is on the job. Taking valuable time off from her many Council committee/board rep appointments - is it 10 yet - over the weekend for this extensive 5 mile journey she remarked, "[Oh, the humanity!]...No one will be able to enjoy this beautiful estate [Hopelands]. BTW, Councilman Ed, "They really don't like him," Silveira was given only ONE assignment. Could he have something to do with our missing waterfront? Is this how he gets even with Mother Theresa, et al? Ex-councilman Charlie Vallaincourt who lives only a short distance from the crime scene has remained curiously silent with a muttered, "I take the Fifth." Of course, he would not be the first councillor to plead his rights. And let's not forget Councilor Lou "They really don't like him - a little less" DiPalma who WAS NOT born here and is hair-challenged! Do you really trust "engineers" without trains? Could this have to do with "The War of the Endorsed vs. The Unendorsed?" So much for political rapprochement.

Next-door neighbor, Mr. Sherman (owner of the "Daily News"), is reported to have been so shocked that he immediately charged veteran, muck-racker reporter, Matt Sheley, with getting the truth out, sparing no time or expense!

As a veteran blogger always on the beat, I did explore the reported heist using my trusty light-weight truck. It's a high-riding vehicle, so I feel confident in assuring those aggravated residents that I'm pretty sure that I SAW the ocean still there & grape vines. The numerous fence openings helped. I do believe, though, that this provides a legal basis for challenging assessments on their multi-million dollar estates, whether owned personally or by their trusts.

councilman "Inspector" Sylvia is on the case. Those so-called "grape vines" may be a euphenistic illusion for mary jane, pot, grass, weed, reefer...

I'm not joking when I assure you that this whole thing is enough to curl my hair! (check blog photo). Where does our Council stand on this? What about our legislators? I do believe that the Day of Reckoning is upon us. It's time to s_ _ _ or get off the pot! Tippecanoe & Tyler too! Remember the Maine!

P.S. Thanks to Chicken Little for her many suggestions regarding this article.


Anonymous said...

Any chance the owner of the Newport Daily News, who just happens to live next door had any influence? The reporter should be embarrassed for doing his dirty work!

Anonymous said...

Nah!!! Would you do such if you owned the only local newspaper?

It is disconcerting though, that the EDITOR didn't note this. The media is usually pretty conscientious about this.

The local reporter is a good one. I'll bet when he studied journalism in college (hey, I was a reporter on my college rag), this kind of article wasn't what he had in mind. He's just earning a living, doing what he's told, & trying to make a good job of whatever dog he's handed. Been there, done that. Haven't we all?

I have a feeling that amongst members of the fourth estate, he may well be a long time living this one down.

John said...

Hi, Eileen...
You made me laugh out loud with this one. We can use all the extra ocean we can get up on Portsmouth, since us folks here in Island Park are so busy filling what we have up with poo.


Anonymous said...

Hey, John.

If you see OUR waterfront out there let me know. We have our own poo problems. We want it back!

I'm practicing the nicknames.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Inspector Sylvia planting evidence?

Anonymous said...

Now look, that was never proven. Like I say, part of a nefarious plot. Who knows what's going on behind that fence???

You've reminded me that while I often provide links, I forget to underlne or color them so that they are more noticable. I'll fix that.

Anonymous said...

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