Friday, May 11, 2007

LNG at Weaver's Cover DOA

Many thanks to the former local Democratic chair, the evil Dick Adams for forwarding this to me. Funny, I never receive anything from the current chair. The group now seems to have little interest/savvy in all this crazy Internet stuff. It is noted that our guv originally supported all the local LNG (liquid natural gas) proposals. He should have practiced Sen. Gibbs' sidestepping dance ("sometimes I just can't make up my mind,")

FLASH: Coast Guard Sinks Weaver's Cove LNG
A preliminary assessment by The U.S. Coast Guard released today denies Weaver's Cove Energy's navigation and safety plan, effectively blocking the proposed Liquified Natural Gas terminal proposed for Weaver's Cove in Fall River.
"This is an enormous victory for the Bay Community," declared Save The Bay Excecutive Director Curt Spalding. "Save The Bay strongly urged the Coast Guard to put the interests of the Bay first and it has done so. As we have said from the beginning, Weaver's Cove LNG is not right for the Bay, and we are extremely pleased that the Coast Guard's assessment reached the same conclusion."
Spalding also praised Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and the Congressional delegations of both Rhode Island and Massachusetts for their leadership in defeating this proposal.
The Coast Guard rejected the developer's plan to use smaller LNG tankers to pass under the Brightman Street Bridge. In a letter to Weaver's Cove Energy CEO Gordon Shearer, Coast Guard Capt. Roy A. Nash, Captain of the Port of Southeastern New England, said that, "The recent submission of vessel transit modeling does not include either Marine Safety International's or the individual marine pilots' conclusion that smaller LNG tankers can be safely navigated through the waterway on a consistent repeatable basis."
Based on his review, Nash wrote, "the waterway may not be suitable for the type and frequency of LNG marine traffic contained in your smaller tanker proposal."

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