Saturday, April 07, 2007

Why do Gibbs, Loughlin, & Waluk Support McCain?

Still waiting for a public comment on why so many Republicans, especially our Senator June Gibbs came out in support of Sen. McCain. Could it be the payback for coming here to raise support for former Sen. Chafee? Nah!

So why? His non-support of gay/lesbian marriage? stance against gun control? Perhaps supportive of his pro-war stance???

Why not back Mass. Mitt Romney (hey, it's right NEXT to us)? Familiar with favorite son candidacies?

Oops, forgot. R.I. Sen. Gibbs was a key player in Bush's election & re-election team here. When McCain backed out of the 2000 Primary & supported Bush, he expected payback from the Bushies. And it's here. Which reminds me, what about the guv? Not a peep from him yet. Hiding behind the bushes like Cheney, waiting?

Too little, too late. Afraid McCain's day is gone.

So why the support? Sen. Gibbs, why? Against gun control, against gay/lesbian marriage, FOR the Iraq war? I'd like to know & I bet that I'm not the only one. McCain doesn't seem to be the straight-shooter he once was perceived to be (yeah, bad pun intended). Talk about pandering.

So speak up! Get out that script! How about it,Because June-says-so? I know you're there. How about you, Newport Mayor Waluk, and Representative John Loughlin (Little Compton, Adamsville, Tiverton)? There certainly was plenty of speechifying a few months ago. There's also been a fair amount of letter writing/press releases (which aide/assistant/policy wonk did that?). What happened? Going down with a sinking ship or will there be a mass exodus (sorry, that pun in remembrance of Passover)?

Doesn't appear that any of you were even willing to back your candidate with moola, according to the "Washington Post." Heck, I back my candidates with money, work, and WORDS. I'm waitin'. And I'm not alone.


Anonymous said...

Actually, by the lack of comments a year later, it looks like you may still be waiting, but that you ARE alone.
Bob Carey, Newport

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it ain't over till it's over, Bob.
Don't think that I am alone with the Primary Election results either. Ballots speak pretty loudly.
But the fat lady hasn't yet sung. Interesting times.