Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Voting is My Birthright!

I am somewhat disappointed in Sec. of State Mollis' recently appointed bi-partisan "Voters First Advisory Committee" in delivering election reform. I find it disconcerting that the Secretary lists 10 proposals for the group to deliberate on in the hopes that these could be addressed & in place for the upcoming 2008 elections. So much for independence.
One idea is a voter i.d. system. "The lack of a photo ID system creates the perception of voter fraud, shakes voter confidence and leads to lack of voter participation," states Mollis. Notice the use of the word"perception" rather than "fact." Where is all this voter fraud in this state? I'd like to know. This is what leads to poor turnout? Says who? Where has voter confidence been shaken? In this district? Those filing mail-in ballots would not have to offer voter i.d., so what's the point? Today's Projo came up with ONE dead person voting in Prov. Guess the sky ain't falling after all.
This so-called "perception" is neo-con baloney of "repeat it often enough until the masses believe that it is true. "Or "you can fool all of the people some of the time." Perception is everything. Facts mean little. Spin, spin, spin. Instead of voter i.d. why not increase the integrity of the rolls. Guillaume deRamel had it right (why wasn't he appointed to the group). Tie the rolls up with death notices, even real estate transactions to assure their integrity. Not impossible.

Voter i.d. has been thrown out by state courts. Restricting voting, e.g., poll taxes & tests, work against the populace in this country and have repeatedly done such. At this point in time I have 10 cards in my purse. I'm really looking forward to one that I use only every other year (plus the longer lines). I am aware that at one polling place here (Middletown's Senior Center), all voters at one time were being asked for i.d. If I had known this sooner I would have called in a complaint. Well-trained poll workers are essential along with party checkers.
I resent having to prove my birthright. I'm not buying liquor or applying for a drivers' license. I was born with this most basic right. If I don't have it, you prove it. Not the other way around. Common Cause agrees with me. We'll both be watching this group.
*Anchor Rising" did a nice write-up of this committee. They have other news links. I agree that it's a good political move. Esp. adding possible opposition to the group. Kind of takes the wind out of Sue Stenhouse.
Now what could this group take up - mail-in voting (I've long been in favor of no-fault absentee voting which the group is going to take up), same-day registration, campaign financing, our elections board, instantaneous run-offs, lowering the voting age...

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