Saturday, March 31, 2007

Middletown More Interested in Dump Than Pier 2?

Once again the Middletown Council will take up the dump discussion ad nauseum. Even though closing it would save the town $ & curbside pickup would be provided, it still drags its feet. In an effort to persuade the Navy for the upteenth time to continue the land lease, they called on Sen. Reed & Rep. Kennedy. One Councilman wants to re-meet with Rep. Kennedy. Still no-go.

I hear from some that the dump is considered by to provide a "meeting place." Hello, get a life! During the campaign Councilwoman Santos voiced concerned for seniors who would have to place their trash curbside. Isn't this easier than a trip to the dump??

Meanwhile "Newport this Week," one of "East Bay Newspapers" periodicals, reports on a meeting with Navy officials"
Rear Adm. Roger Nolan, USN (Ret.), currently the Naval War College Foundation's Executive Director, concurred that the pier's [Pier 2] condition is and should be a public concern. "I think the community should know that the maintenance might not be done," he said.

Nolan added that fixing the pier is both a Navy challenge and a state challenge. "If they don't maintain it, then Newport will lose the ability to be a port for Navy and Coast Guard ships," he said.

Up until Jan. Pier 2 had 8 ships tied up. It now has 2 decomssioned ships - "Forrestal" and "Saratoga." The pier averages 20 ships a year. Closing this pier means no Navy or Coast Guard ships there.

If we have not yet wasted our good will with State/Federal officials, taking up this matter of economic development, might prove more beneficial. While "trash talk" and library threats may make for better press, they provide little substance. Ever hear any more about all the library blah-blah?

It's easy to distract the public for awhile, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Let's start looking forward instead of bemoaning inevitable change (and small changes at that). Just because we scored safely with the last round of base-closings, doesn't meant we're home-free and set for life. (For those keeping track, Councilmen DiPalma & Silveira were not part of the afore-mentioned brouhahas.)

Thanks to Newport This Week & reporter Andrew Martin

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