Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Clean Water Access in Middletown & Newport

I missed this article in Projo on the surfers' (Clean Ocean Acess) efforts to clean up the pollution at First Beach. Due to illness I haven't made it to any of their presentations. They received funding from both Newport & Middletown to continue water testing in the off season.

You see signs now posted even in winter warning that due to pollution swimming is not permitted. One Sun. I saw five "polar bears" braving the temps to swim anyway. And they were close to the Middletown end. This occured just after we had had heavy rains. It takes the beach at least a week to recover. I also saw surfers clad in their wetsuits.

Yuck! Toilet water! Lots of dogs running/walking also. I've known dogs who came down with meningitis after taking a few sips from the moat. I'd be leary taking them to the beach also when it's polluted.

This group of surfers deserves thanks from all of us. It's not just about sports and recreation. It's about economics and keeping/bringing business here, too. It's about property values.

Guess good old Third Beach is just forgotten. No more Crabtown. Too bad there are no surfers there.

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