Monday, February 02, 2009

District 12's "Adamsville Phil"

**2nd UPDATE: This is from last year, but I like it. BTW, the groundhog saw his shadow- 6 more wks. of winter
**UPDATE: Here is the Projo update on Phil who has now struck out on his own. Currently Phil is sleeping under the Gardner's barn. Will he peek out?

Here is last year's blog entry.
Bummer, he saw his shadow!

In case you missed this hilarious article on "Admasville Phil" (a Little Compton groundhog-except Adamsville HATES being part of Little C's voting district)) here it is and here is another pic & another article, and my person fav. I'm still laughing on this dreary day. He couldn't possibly have seen his shadow so Yeah! for an early spring. Go Phil! The groundhog owner is Lee Gardner, former Norman Bird Sanctuary director. Thanks to Projo & Sakonnet Times for info & pics.
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