Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rep. Rice Mail Ballot Recount

I just returned from the Board of Elections warehouse in Prov. where the mail ballots are stored. 12 tables were set up with an election official at each one (Newport & Midd. were represnted by the Town Canvasser). Each table also had 2 reps from E. Prov. - sorry, haven't kept up with that race. Amy had 1 rep at each table. I didn't see many representing John Robatille, Amy's challeneger.

Each official was then given a sealed metal box containing the ballots. A zillion of them from all over the state which had to be sorted. They'd announce the town/city name at the top of each ballot. E. Prov. eas easy. For Amy's district there were 3 towns (Ports., Midd., & Newport) & the correct district had to be ascertained. The ballots in question were kept in a pile, while the rest were all grouped together & eventually returned to a sealed box.

The rep at each table could then record the score. At appx. 12:15 it was over. All ballots in question were then placed in sealed boxes. Lunch!! We left!

The next step is to copy all the ballots & make them available to the public. The candidates will recount & match tallies. Those who are behind will then look for errors in their favor. How long will this take? Could be a long time & will probably involved the Courts. Could also end today, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

So what did I notice in my quick perusals? It's generally all about straight Party voting, despite what people deny. Perhaps 2-3 candidate exceptions. A fair amount of voting for local school & council races with no state or federal voting. The majority here were Republicans. Remember, these are mail ballots only. Interesting. Some pencils lines were faint & difficult to read.

Stay tuned! Much better to lose by a hundred or more votes, I'd say, then sweating over a handful.