Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rep. Long Won't be Legislating This Year

The Phoenix recently came out in favor of giving Rep. Buce J. Long the boot. The Jamestown Press in an interview "said he will not be introducing much new legislation this year." Well, duh. Wouldn't make much difference anyway. Talk about being dead on arrival. Gee, and I thought the premise behind being a legislator was to legislate. Jamestown & half of Middletown will find him, oh, so useful this year.

Too bad the Council doesn't focus less on the library trustees and more on who is going to represent their best interests in the Legislature. They will be meeting with legislators soon and discussing their requests for legislation. Wonder if Rep. Long will make it.

He missed a recent meeting on a commission looking into district school consolidations. And it was the Republicans in the House who insisted on changing Rep. Rice's orginal organization which actually made as compared with the current one consisting of four legislators (a total of 9 official members). Why Lou DiPalma is listed as a member by the Snooze escapes me. And where is the screaming from them involving Open Meeting Laws? I can't find any schedule, agendas, or minutes anywhere. But then I think that the whole commission will be unable to accomplish much due to its lacking direct local input of those directly concerned; e.g., school committees, local unions, & PTG's, plus citizens. I hope that I'm wrong.

Will Rep. Long make the next meeting? How long can you hide from your major constituency? And why aren't local & state Dems. speaking up? It will begin playing out again as the tax season approaches a la Richard Hatch. It ain't over till it's over.

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