Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's Up With Early Voting in Tiverton??

Hats off to Nancy Mello, Town Clerk in Tiverton. She has initiated a program for fourth graders wherein they listen to candidates, and vote using a short town ballot with voting machines.

The fourth graders from the 3 elementary schools had a great time as did the candidates. Statewide candidates were present: Caprio, Lynch, Healey. Sen. Felag, the two local Reps, (Amaral & Loughlin) and ME! Many local Tiverton candidates - Council & School were also present.

I believe that next yr. the program will be expanded. Thank you to all who helped - the Clerk's office, Board of Canvassers, Town Admin. (as a former Baltimorean, I knew that was a Maryland accent), their teachers, & the bus co. who donated their time. What a super program!! (and I apologize if I forgot someone).

This is why I run - for future generations. Groups like these kids & the Kids' Summit held this summer in Newport make it all worthwhile & fun!
P.S., Photo is from today's "Newport Daily News."