Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rep. Bruce Long, Please Call (the IRS)

More info of interest. Jim Taricani who broke the story was on Dan Yorke's WPRO radio show (go to the link on Interviews). Valerie Long called him. She wanted $24/wk. more in childcare & was desperate. As I recall from this summer, she has been ill (chemo?). She lives in a trailer with her daughter & is having trouble making ends meet on her Teachers' Assistant pay in the local school. She had warned Bruce that she would go to the press with her divorce deposition if he didn't help her out.

Over a 3 day period in 1986 police were called to their home twice for domestic violence. The police filed reports but it went no farther. That's because state regs have now changed (wonder if Bruce voted for this?) & the police can file court charges. Previously, a battered wife was required to do so & all too often this didn't happen.

Valerie is still upset over the 3 affairs he had (wonder if his newest fiance is rethinking her situation). She wants the public to know that he is "a fraud." He could actually be much more than this. Over a 3 wk. period he warned her of the possible consequences of going public with what was in the sworn & public divorce petition. Heck, he could go to jail & she'd get nothing. He also wanted to speak with his daughter (sad).

Jim tried for 3 days to get in touch with Bruce, but nothing. He asked Speaker Murphy to help & he communicated with Bruce that he'd "better say something." It seems that Bruce did come out with an e-mail (which I haven't read). Bruce states that he "could owe money" and promises to "pay promptly." But as of yesterday Jim says that this hasn't happened & that the IRS is looking for him.

Today's interview was with Minority Leader Watson. He states that this "reflects badly on the overall membership of the General Assembly." No matter how much $ is involved, this is a "serious breach of ethics." Most especially since Bruce admitted this three years ago and seems to have done nothing since then to remedy the situation. Watson also refers to "scorn" now for Rep. Long's reputation and his "ability to function to represent" his constituents - hello, Middletowners & Jamestowners. He says that the "public has a right to know", "there should be transparency", and the public's need to know what his remedy is. Now this is the Minority Leader stating that it will be "difficult [for Bruce] to remain in office" due to these "personal & public issues."

Evidently in this e-mail that Long sent he states that he has been in drug recovery for 7 yrs. Watson & Yorke speculate on whether or not the domestic abuse issues were ever brought up publicly as campaign issues. NO! They then speculate on General Assembly remedies & stop there (the whole body could dismiss him from attending, I belive).

Rep. Long, do us ALL a favor & resign now. Hire a lawyer, an accountant, & get in touch with the IRS 9if you haven't). I doubt that you owe much, if anything, anyway. Show some responsibility and respect here for your family & your constituency. You can do better than this.