Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friends Meet at the Grape Room in Middletown

Like the old Bette Middler song says, "You've got to have friends..." It was a great party on Mon. The food was good (verified by 3 teenage boys-my staffers), interesting & exotic drinks, and good company.
Sorry, no pics.
A mix-up with my photog. Things happen. Guests from all over the District. As many remarked, it was an diverse and interesting gathering. New and old friends in various walks and stages of life. I thank them all for their kind attendance.
Most of the Middletown Council attended before their meeting. Sen. Levesque was there (Bristol, & P'mouth). He almost makes me want to move just so that I could vote for him. Sen. Paiva-Weed from Newport, Jamestown who does us all proud. Sen. Roberts (running for Lt. Gov.) was also there. As I told her, "A Woman's Place is in The Dome!" Rep. Jackson visited on his way home. Lt. Gov. Fogarty counld't make it, nor could Rep. Rice. Charlie's mom is in the hosp. & he wanted to visit. So go! That's where a son belongs.
My mom & sis came from Fla. for the reception. No, they don't live there because of taxes. I know that this is hard to believe, but my mom got tired of ice & snow! She loves that warm weather. It was nice to see her & my sis who is in charge of public housing in Orlando.
Having my bro. there would have been perfect, but his job & family keep him busy in Atlanta. I visited with him & his family in No. Car. this summer for my Mom's 80th birthday. He has 2 daughters & his wife, Eileen, is a teacher/librarian.
My husband's mother, Elizabeth, was also there with her caregiver, Ronnie (love her!). It's been a tough year for her - moving, illness, & her husband's death.
So many people helped me with this. Thanks to my campaign manager & his wife - Lou & Denise D'Amico . A BIG THANKS to the Yobs & The Grape Room. It's open in the evening (not Mon.), & also Sun. for Brunch.
I was having so much fun I forgot (conveniently) about the speech part. I think it worked out better that way.