Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Family Night at First Beach

It's free! It was not exactly, but it was beautiful. Larry Brown's Swingline band played and they were great! Maybe 10 pieces, with outstanding singers, including Billy Weston.
These concerts are free every Tues. night at the band played without a break until 6:30. One Thurs. nts. the entertainment aimed at kids. Spent a lot of time there in summers past with a beach blanket & lots of pizza.
Mary & Joe were dancing. They are excellent instructors & frequently run classes at the K of C Hall in Middletown. My husband & I have gone twice. Lots of fun & exercise.
A seagull relieved himself on me. I was sitting & listening when it felt as if someone had thrown or dumped something on my left arm & chest. Yes, green slop from a gull. I USED to like them. What a mess! I've been assured that this is good luck, but...

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