Sunday, July 30, 2006

Listening Instead of Talking

It's fairly easy just to mouth off a spiel as I'm visting voters. Well, not that easy because as I"ve said before, IT'S HOT!
But maybe I'll get the sympathy vote. I get invited inside where it's cool & rec'd a bottle of ice water today. I just don't understand how the weather doesn't bother my husband.
So I was walking in my old neighborhood where I still own & lease out a duplex in Newport. Met a senior. He is having a hard job making ends meet. Showed me his meds lined up. One bottle costs $325. No, various plans DON'T pick it up as he can't take the generic. I've met a few elderly voters in my travels. Some of them are having an awfully difficult time keeping themselves going, let alone maintaing their homes. Thank goodness for such assistance as Meals on Wheels. We don't think much of our elderly, do we? Don't see things likes this in Europe.
Also met a friend whose daughter is starting college & they were in Boston renting her an apt. (I rec'd the leftover ice water). She wants to be a nurse. Got on RIC's waiting list. Then got accepted at U Mass. It's cheaper. And she has no wait. No go at Salve (VERY expensive) because they would accept none of the non-Salve courses she had been taking.
Of course there is no room at RIC even though we need nurses! State colleges can't offer competitive salaries to nursing instructors. So limited space. What a shame when there is a need for nurses.
Also discussed a recent grad who just got hired on the base. Owes over $70,000! It's will be a long time before she can afford to live the Amer. dream & buy a house. Especially here.
Ironic. Last night I was invited to a very elegant reception on Ocean Drive. Better than the average fare, I must say! Some have so much while others (who work just as hard, probably harder) have so little.
We can do better! We must do better!

BTW, Website coming soon. Unavoidable technical problems & all that jazz!

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