Friday, June 16, 2006

My Mom Has Got It Right

This is a comment from my Mom. My sister runs Public Housing in Orlando. My Mom is complaining that my sister has had to work late as they are having to lay off staff due to funding shortages from HUD.

" ...they never get the right head person running HUD. The Congress and President would rather have people homeless and children hungry, so he can cut the rich peoples taxes. And fight a dumb war..."

While our State Legislature is somewhat more generous (certainly more so than our Governor), it's hard to understand how they can cut taxes for the richest when we have burgeoning debt & ever-rising rates of poverty, especially among children.

Just so that you know that this is truly my mother, she also reminded me to lay flowers on my father's grave this Sunday.

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Kmareka said...

Now we know where you get it from! Congrats to your mom for still being politically knowledgeable. Not all people are up for that as the years and political shenanigans grind on...I hope I will be.