Saturday, June 10, 2006

Guv Spanks Portsmouth

Or a least he tried. The Guv rips Portsmouth for asking and receiving the authority from the Legsislature for exceeding the 5.5% property tax cap. Funny, I do believe that the Guv has not yet presented the Legislature with a balanced budget of his own. One also has to to wonder what the Executive branch is doing chiding the legislative branch of Portsmouth. Of course, the Guv never tells communities how to fix their budgets.

He was in a similar mood in Middletown 2 yrs. ago when he appeared in a town meeting. The town needs to reduce its budget but he has no idea how. Gee, isn't that HIS job? The Guv writes the state budget. The Legislature is part-time as is local gov't. Legislators basically tweak his budget. The Chair of the Town Council in Middletown a few yrs. ago wanted to exceed the cap. He was upset that the State wasn't providing sufficient funding. That was when we had Republican Guv. Lincoln Almond. Our Council Chair was Republican Mike Kehew. Interesting. Sometimes I think there is a huge disconnect at the State House with our local communities.

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